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Scanlon’s Importing

                                                                                                                                                ” Life is a precious and a gift”


What is important to me is running a business of integrity. I am an ethical vegan an enjoy a life of helping out the planet we live in. I choose to use chemical free body products and have as much as possible a chemical free lifestyle which I share with my friends and business college’s.
We look at products that will make a difference to the environment and plan to release some more products soon. For if we don’t start to look after the environment we live in now and the body’s we have we could have all the money in the world but that will not buy health.
This is what drives my business to share the wealth of information I have as wealth is not just about money it is about lifestyle friendships and contributing to the planet and the people in it with education.
So, thank you for visiting my site and remember 1 small change a day everyday makes a 365 % change in your life over a year. Not only affects your life but the people around you. The Ripple affect. Every life is precious and also a gift includes animals and people so remember to embrace life.




Founder of Scanlon Importing

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